• The amazing art of living minimal [Article]

    Minimalism as a lifestyle  In the last years, minimalism has resurfaced and it is growing rapidly through social media. The reason: the high increase of non-essential consumer goods, mainly in the United States.  
    This is a wave born in the 60s that covers different artistic expressions such as architecture, music, painting, and has been transformed into way of life. We can remember as icon of this era: “Less is More”, a phrase heard often nowadays, said by the movement leader and dutch architect Mies Van Der Rohe.
    Nowadays there is an increasing tendency to embrace minimalism as a way of life, and with this, it tries to minimize the amount of objects that we own and our impact on the environment. This way, the minimalism encourages the choice of conscient buying, valuing our possessions and taking the most out of them.

    Why having more than what you can really enjoy?

    It's clear that accumulating demands more effort and money. That money that we obtain in exchange of our time is being spent in objects that are briefly enjoyed.

    Are we making the most of our time in life?

    We invite you to read a children’s story that was already talking about these subjects in 1976. The story, “Arthur and Clementine” from the italian Adela Turin, is about a tortoise that in order to get love from his beloved, he stuffed her with presents: jewelry, clothes, hats and chocolates. The moral of the story is that stuffing someone with presents doesn’t assure you to be loved back, because love and happiness isn’t bought with objects. Actually in this story, Arthur was tragically wrong.
      The idea isn’t to stop consuming, but to start consuming in a more conscious and responsible way. Choose quality over quantity, taking a step forward towards environment protection and knowing that amassing is not the answer for a better life or happiness. Arthur can assure you that!
  • Furniture that Pays for Itself? It’s Possible!

      These days, consumers are budget-conscious, but they still want living spaces that look great. It can be a struggle to blend form and function and cope with rising costs. Rental Affordability Crisis: A Widespread Problem With rent prices higher than ever before, people are struggling to make their rent payments in cities around the world. You want all the benefits of living in your favorite city—being close to your job, being able to walk everywhere, and having fantastic restaurants and shopping and nightlife nearby—but the apartment rent prices in so many places are totally unaffordable for the average professional! Rent is continually climbing. In fact, according to the latest statistics, it looks like California— traditionally one of the priciest states for metro living— is getting even more expensive, even in its less-pricy cities. We all know that San Francisco is extremely expensive (the average price for a one-bedroom apartment within San Francisco city limits is in the range of $3,400/month!) but now even California’s less-expensive cities, like Sacramento and Fresno, are experiencing steep rental hikes. California cities make up half of the top ten fastest-growing rental prices, making the cost of living less affordable for many people in the state (source). California might be the most dramatic, but it’s not the only city in this situation: it’s an issue all around the globe. Renters Can Save Money with Innovative Furniture Design Most apartments are priced per square foot, so it pays to get as small a place as possible. But many people worry about all of their furniture fitting in the small area, or they’re afraid that they won’t have any room to have friends over. All those worries can be erased with a simple and unexpected solution: convertible, space-saving furniture! There’s no better option for small studio apartments. With smaller apartments becoming the norm these days, the market for convertible furniture is exploding. Essentially, when you get furniture that takes up less space and serves more functions, you can get a smaller apartment, saving you a lot of money on rent. That’s how furniture can pay for itself! Space-Saving Furniture Designs: Styles and Benefits As the market for convertible, space-saving furniture grows, more and more styles will become available. There are so many innovators out there who are working to make small spaces into productive workspaces and comfortable living areas. Hiddenbed currently offers 7 incredible dual-function or triple-function options: Double Decker: a bunk bed + desk Attractive: a double Murphy bed that folds to take up less space Majestic: a double Murphy bed with a desk included Ritzy: a triple-function sofa bed + desk University: an affordable twin bed + desk combo perfect for dorms and apartments Splendid: a bed + desk combo with even more storage hDesk: a workspace that converts from an individual desk to a conference table.

    Space-saving furniture is the way of the future, especially as cities continue to become more crowded and expensive, and as millennials continue to favor smaller living spaces. Whether for home or for business, there are convertible furniture options suitable for everyone in this growing market. No matter where you are in the world, space-saving furniture is a smart investment for the future!

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  • Trends 2017: a sneak peek to the Pantone Report

    The Pantone Fashion Color Report arrived to give us the color trends 2017, a quick view of how the color will affect design decisions for this year. "Reminiscent of the hues that surround us in nature, our Spring 2017 Fashion Color Report evokes a spectrum of emotion and feeling. From the warmth of sunny days with PANTONE 13-0755 Primrose Yellow to the invigorating feeling of breathing fresh mountain air with PANTONE 18-0107 Kale and the desire to escape to pristine waters with PANTONE 14-4620 Island Paradise, designers applied color in playful, yet thoughtful and precise combinations to fully capture the promises, hope and transformation that we yearn for each Spring." said  Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. Take a look to the top 10 colors from Pantone, a beautiful mixture of relaxation, vitality and nature. island-paradise kale lapiz-azul niagara pink-yarrow primroseyellow dogwood-pink flame greenery hazelnut  
  • Join the wave, share the hDesk success

    Many countries have joined this wave of success called hDesk

    Our last launch left us with a great experience on how space could be adapted to the current times. So, if you  are not already convinced about what hDesk could do for you, then take a second look into the many possibilities that this product offers for the daily space. People work together all the time, but that does not mean  collaboration exists. Collaboration increasingly depends  on: the workspace, having the ability to view the work of other workers or students, and meetings of all members. And of course, now you know what the perfect solution for a bad case of non collaborative workplace is.   ibira-center-barcelona-technical-scoolsingapore-1 The pictures above  are technical centers from Spain and Singapore, showing  a few examples of how flexible space can be. However, no furniture is  complete without that special design detail that you could add to your models. Below is a good example  from Indonesia. Did you notice the glass detail from the table? Classy…   indonesia   Then there is  a model from the UK with a bigger table and smooth lateral lines,  which gives privacy and enough open space to speak with people from their respective workstations.   japanese-1   Finally, there is a desk/cabinet that can change it all for tiny homes. It comes with a secret space for hiding your next projects and  is perfect for home offices.   swim   From a large table to a private desk … From a meeting space to an individual workspace … From your small furniture to your BEST HIDDEN SECRET.  
  • Launching hDesk – The Evolution in Workspace

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    The Numbers...

    According to TheSquareFoot, with 5,000 dollars per month you can get on average 921 square feet of office workspace in San Francisco, 1,140 square feet in DC and 811 square feet in NY. The latter equivalent to three offices, a hall and a bathroom. In turn, in smaller cities like Dallas, with the same 5,000 dollars you can get 2,599 square feet, and 2,861 in Atlanta. These high office space rental costs and imbalances between major cities are so significant in the cost structure, some times even forcing companies to move their offices from cities in order to afford them. By working with the above figures and assuming space requirements common to the current average productivity, the following list of annual costs for rental space per employee has been determined: New York $14,800 San Francisco $13,032 Washington, D.C. $10,522 Chicago $7,000 Los Angeles $6,702 Miami $6,630 Seattle $6,420 Boston $6,080 Houston $5,668

    But... what if?

    This calculation assumes an average space requirement of 200 square feet per employee. What if this requirement is reduced without having to sacrifice functionality, comfort and productivity? We are hereby launching our workspace revolutionary model hDesk. hDesk is an innovative design that combines the best of two worlds: a cubicle for individual work and a table for teamwork, all in one space. In turn, by combining several units a larger table is achieved, and thus taking advantage of the potential to gather large teams without them leaving their individual workstations.

    How can it be done?

    Through an innovative piece of furniture and hardware that allow the individual desk to sit under the table when the unit is in table or "meeting" function, and the table to tilt and face the user once the desk or "cubicle" function has been activated. Need more space to grow or work more comfortably? Think again... may be achievable by multiplying the productivity of your current space, investing a fraction of the annual cost of renting it. Hiddenbed model hDesk


    Original source of data: The Square Foot - thesquarefoot.com [ss_gap height="30"]

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