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WorldWide Coworkers Projection

"Coworking is growing around the world and most major cities have coworking spaces. Asia/Pacific (which includes India in our work), and especially China, have embraced coworking, making APAC the world’s largest coworking market." - Source: gcuc.co - Want a piece of the pie?

What is hDesk?

Scalable working space flexibility.

hDesk is a modular cublicle + table combination system that has 2 modes for 2 different situations... Workstation Mode for working individually and Meeting Mode for teamwork and meetings.

These two different working modes require also different working environment conditions which are oftenly addressed by companies by setting up meeting rooms with compromised availability.

What if you need more teamwork time? hDesk can help.

hDesk's cubicle was designed for individual work. It features a desk large enough for a screen / laptop and small appliances that reduces distractions by limiting front-context and peripheral vision.

With a simple push downwards, the cubicle turns into a table that seamlessly integrates with contiguous hDesks forming a larger table and boosting collaboration. Best of all? Your meeting room is always available.

How does hDesk work?

Experience + Creativity = Smart solutions.

Technically: hDesk takes advantage of our previously patented parallelogram movement that allows for two furniture functions to share the same space through a highly convenient movement system.

Practically: Push the table upwards and the perfectly balanced gas springs will bear most of the system weight while converting the table into a cubicle. Push the desk downwards and let our high precision hardware kits smoothly guide the movement in reverse.
Simple and effortless.

Why CoWorks?

hDesks are to CoWorks what beds are to hotels.

hDesks deliver space flexibility and value to any company that occasionally requires some individual and teamwork for reaching objectives… from small entrepreneurs, to big companies…
Coworks generally have high people density, high transit, high collaboration rate, innovative users and an exponentially growing market. We believe they are the perfect market for hDesks.

*The background image is a map showing a few of the over 5.500 coworks listed here.

Join us in serving this growing market

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